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09/07/2019by Mack Galus1

Magna filter and chemicals that are used in the latest heating systems to protect them and improve their work efficiency, while contributing to environmental protection, with a strong focus on improving air quality (reduces CO2 emissions by about 250 kg per year from a single household ).

Magnetite (iron oxide) is the main cause of heating system failures, and corrosion is one of the everyday problems in heating systems and radiators. If the appropriate action is not taken, magnetite (black iron oxide) accumulates, which results in spot underheating of the radiators, a decrease in heating efficiency and an unnecessary load on the boiler.

Thanks to products and activities developed over many years and research to eliminate corrosion and magnetite, any heating system can be saved. By using Magna filter, chemicals and advice you can reduce energy bills and service costs, as well as ensure a longer boiler life.

The unique Magna filter design maximizes dirt capture from the first pass. The magnetic filter actively catches all circulating magnetic and non-magnetic impurities, ensuring continuous protection of the entire system. The magnetic filter should be the first choice filter for thousands of installers in Europe, providing exceptional protection for any central heating system.

Magnetic filter – benefits for the user:

  • 6% savings on heating bills,
  • immediate and continuous system protection,
  • extended system durability by about 20%,
  • limited carbon dioxide emissions,
  • filter size designed especially for home heating systems,
  • no ongoing living costs.

Magnetic filter – benefits for the installer:

  • installation can be done in just a few minutes,
  • rotary valves (360 °) allow many installation options,
  • bi-directional flow, so each connection can be an input or output – for increased flexibility,
  • very thin cover that increases magnetic performance,
  • low profile drain valve for easier servicing,
  • double backflow that maximizes the capture of pollutants,
  • improved shield design for double capture of non-magnetic impurities,
  • quick couplings for easier servicing.

Magnetic filter – operating parameters:

  • working temperature up to 95 C,
  • pressure up to 6 bar,
  • flow 50 l / min.

Summarizing! If you want to enjoy trouble-free heating for many years without worrying about breakdowns and sudden renovation of radiators, it’s worth investing in Magna Filter!

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    Great blog post. Really looking forward to read more. Modesty Orland Lynch


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