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Shower leak is one of the most common problems we may encounter when using this sanitary device. Sometimes the reason may be buying the wrong product or using it incorrectly. How can we stop this failure? The answer is in our article!

Shower leak – Prevention is better than repair!

 To avoid problems associated with leaking shower enclosures, special attention should be paid to its installation. The quality of subsequent use depends on the correctness of its implementation. Therefore, our skills are very important if we decide to do such a task ourselves.

 In a situation where we do not have sufficient knowledge, it is better to entrust assembly to a professional team of professionals. Already at the stage of use, we should also remember about proper maintenance and care of the cabin, which is one of the most important sanitary devices in our bathroom. Repairing it may incur high costs. The right cosmetics, which are often underestimated, can significantly extend its life.

 Before we buy a shower cabin.

 In this case, we should consider buying the right device, which will be the least emergency. When deciding to buy a shower cabin, we should not save significantly. If we have such a possibility, before buying each shower cabin it is worth checking first and foremost the quality of the door.

 These are an element that often fails after a short period of use. Opening and closing are difficult for us, which also translates into leakage and leakage of water to the floor and other elements of our bathroom. In this situation, the only way out is to replace the door – along with their guides – with a new one.

 Replacement of silicone.

 One of the most common reasons for leaks in the shower enclosure is silicone leakage. Then it is necessary to replace it, which, fortunately, does not involve large costs. When dealing with the problem of a leaking cabin, we should first determine the place where it is leaking.

 Welds around the shower tray as well as in connecting places may be faulty here, e.g. walls of our cabin with a bathroom wall covered with ceramic tile or mosaic. It is very important to choose the right silicone that will allow us to fight the failure. The old, defective joint should be thoroughly removed – remember that we replace the silicone along its entire length, not just in the place where water leaks.

 It is necessary to prepare the surface and apply new silicone correctly – we will read how to do it step by step in the article “How to replace silicone around the bathtub and shower tray”.

 When nothing helps.

 In a situation where the water from our shower cabin leaks onto the wall and floor, and none of the basic corrective actions managed to remedy the problem, it may mean a more advanced failure.

 Often the lower floors are also flooded, which means that it is necessary to forge tiles from the wall and floor around the cabin. The problem may then be even incorrect placement of the shower tray. In such a situation, we should seek professional advice as soon as possible. 

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