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Unclog a Bathtub

The drain is still clogging, the water does not want to drain, and the pipe emits an unpleasant smell? This is the most common household fault. You don’t need expensive chemical means to deal with this problem. We have prepared a short guide from which you will learn how to unplug a tub, unblock pipes and save on plumber.

Where to start?

  • With shad rubber gloves, 
  • delay the sink or bathtub,
  • warn people not to use the sink or bathtub for an hour.

Ways to get a clogged bathtub and sink:

Rubber cleaner

 Try to unclog the drain with a regular rubber cleaner. When pumping, pressure builds up that pushes the blockage. Before using the drainer, lubricate the drain with a greasy substance, e.g. cream or petroleum jelly. Place the pusher on the drain and press it down. Then pour water to the level above the rubber base, and stop the overflow drain with your other hand. Now you can pump hard. The pressure should push the blockage.

Baking soda

 Look for baking soda in the kitchen. Dry the drain and pour a glass of baking soda into it. Wait 15 minutes and fill the kettle with hot water.

Vinegar + baking soda

 Mix the vinegar and baking soda in a 3: 1 ratio. Immediately pour into the drain before it begins to foam. Wait 15 minutes and pour the whole kettle with boiling water.

Vinegar + baking soda (second idea)

 Pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda into the drain. Then pour in half a glass of vinegar. Wait 15 minutes and fill the kettle with hot water.


 Pour a glass of vinegar into the drain, tightly stopper and wait 30 minutes. Then pour the entire kettle with hot water.

What to do so that the outflows do not clog?

  • Do not throw coffee grounds tea into the sink. 
  • Buy a strainer that is applied to the sink. The cheapest plastic strainers cost a few £, but you can also buy decorative ones made of silicone or chrome. They can be purchased in a variety of colours and shapes, so they will suit any sink. The prices of decorative, silicone strainers are around £ 10.
  • Do not pour melted fat into the sink.  
  • Rarely use chemical cleaners, especially if you have old cast iron sewer pipes. 
  • Buy a sink crusher. It is a grinder that is used to grind all kinds of organic waste such as vegetable peelings, pieces of meat, small bones and more. Immediately after grinding, waste flows into the sewage system. The crusher also prevents the formation of putrefaction in the kitchen and bathroom, because remember that food residues in the drain sooner or later begin to rot. Shredding waste eliminates food residues from garbage bins, which prevents the spread of rodents and insects. The crusher is mounted directly to the sink opening (between the sink and the siphon).  



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