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Boiler Repair

Boilers are bound to fail or malfunction in time because of long continuous use, improper operation or lack of regular service. When your boiler unit breaks down or your central heating system does not function as efficiently as before, it is time to call a boiler expert to troubleshoot the problem. Don’t just call any boiler engineer or technician to fix the problem for you. You may risk your safety, inconvenience or may drain your wallet with pricey repair charges for a second-rate service. It is important to work only with the best in the business when you require boiler repair service.

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Customers Experience

Very very pleased. Punctual, neat and tidy. Did exactly what I wanted and am going to use them again.

Cella, BR2

Dishwasher installation (with plumbing and electrical work). Very good job, great attention to detail. Very professional and reliable. Would definitely recommend and/or use services again.

Goerge, SE11

Really friendly and professional. So impressed with how quickly he quoted and got the job done. It was a radiator problem that no one else had been able to fix and he sorted it out in no time. He keeps you well informed and works in a very tidy and clean fashion. Will certainly be using again!

Hasan, SW16

They need six stars on these ratings for Przemek! I needed a shower unit taken out and replaced, the work was done to a high standard and I was kept informed during the day of progress. Przemek is the best tradesman I have used through Rated People.

Vincent, SW4

Boiler Repair Experts in London

Rated Plumber prides itself with being the best-rated and most preferred boiler service company in Southwest London. We have served 1,000 satisfied customers in our 25 years of operation. We have built our reputation as among the best in London when it comes to boiler repairs. Most of the 750 successful projects we have completed are involved in boilers, which make troubleshooting and solving boiling problems for good simple and easy for us.

We repair all types of boiler brands, makes or models and are specialists in Valliant and Worcester, leading major boiler brands. Our licensed boiler professionals will call on your house with their expertise, complete equipment, tools and materials to make the repair process as efficient and seamless as possible without disrupting your heating system for a long time. Almost all the repairs we have done lasted less than a day. Our Gas Safe Registered engineers and technicians can be counted on to provide topnotch quality service that will guarantee your satisfaction and the safety of you household. We are able to give our repair service one year warranty.

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Our Boiler Repair Services

A lot of problems can happen with your boiler that will leave you worried looking for solutions. Leave the worrying to us. Let us solve problems that bother you in the most professional and reliable way. Here are some of the most common boiler disorders we confidently deal with:

No Heat or Hot Water

There are several areas in the system that can cause this serious fault. A few of them is broken diaphragm, airlock or valve, motorized valve failure and thermostat or water level issues. Broken parts need replacement by experts and Gas Safe engineers like us at Rated Plumber.

Leaks and Drips

A boiler with leaking water may be caused by a number of issues. Call an experienced and licensed personnel to diagnose the source of the problem and correct it.

Pilot Light Goes Off

The pilot light is the small flame that should stay alight to light a larger burner. If it keeps on going out, it can be from a gas supply problem or something else. The gas supplier needs to be contacted for the former cause and a Gas Safe engineers for non-gas related cause.


Kettling or the rumbling sound you hear from your boiler that’s similar to a boiling kettle. It restricts the flow of water within the heat exchanger. It is mostly caused by the buildup of deposits from hard water in the system. A qualified engineer is well-trained to perform this job.

Low Boiler Pressure

Water leaks in the system, pressure relief valve that needs replacement and radiators that have been bled recently can cause low boiler pressure. Work on water leak detection and solution and on valve replacement should be assigned to professionals.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostats can lose accuracy or can cause the heating to switch on and off unnecessarily. A replacement may be necessary. It is an easy job for us to do.

Strange Noises

Technical issues that can cause strange noises such as banging, gurgling or whistling are hard water or other deposits in the system, imminent pump failure or very low water pressure. Rated Plumber can troubleshoot the source of the noise with ease and lead you to the solution.

Abnormal or Non-Heating of Radiators

A few radiators not heating up may be caused by sludge build up or air in your system. You may bleed the radiator to rid the system of these build up. If certain radiators are not heating up, you can perform radiator balancing yourself following recommended DIY steps. If bleeding and balancing your radiators do not work, you may need to chemically flush sludge build up that is preventing free flow of hot water to the radiators. The service of qualified personnel like us is needed to safely do this activity.

When any of these problems and other issues occur in your boiler and heating system, do not prolong your worry and inconvenience. Feel free to give us a call.  Schedule an appointment with our highly qualified and licensed technical personnel to diagnose and repair your boiler. We will assess the specific repair needs then quote you for our service. We can be reached through call or email for all your boiler concerns. We guarantee professional and top quality service.

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Rated Plumber is your go-to for any boiler repair concerns. For a no-obligation quote or to enquire about our plumbing services, call us now on 020 3941 9497 or email us at You can expect satisfactory service from our professional service-oriented team.

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