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Radiators and Towel Rails

Radiators play an important role in the distribution of heat inside your rooms. They are constantly turned on and operating together with the rest of the central heating system and when the rooms they are located in are occupied by people. Continuous operation of radiators in winter for years causes them to wear out, leak and malfunction or breakdown. The service of expert and experienced professionals in radiators becomes very important when you need to have your radiators repaired or replaced. And whether your are to have new radiators installed to replace old damaged units or are having your radiators installed for the first time in your house, it is good to call on reliable radiator installers to do the job for you.

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Very very pleased. Punctual, neat and tidy. Did exactly what I wanted and am going to use them again.

Cella, BR2

Dishwasher installation (with plumbing and electrical work). Very good job, great attention to detail. Very professional and reliable. Would definitely recommend and/or use services again.

Goerge, SE11

Really friendly and professional. So impressed with how quickly he quoted and got the job done. It was a radiator problem that no one else had been able to fix and he sorted it out in no time. He keeps you well informed and works in a very tidy and clean fashion. Will certainly be using again!

Hasan, SW16

They need six stars on these ratings for Przemek! I needed a shower unit taken out and replaced, the work was done to a high standard and I was kept informed during the day of progress. Przemek is the best tradesman I have used through Rated People.

Vincent, SW4

Radiator and Towel Rails Experts in London

With 25 years of excellent service record in central heating systems, Rated Plumber is the best service provider for your radiator and even heated towels rails needs. Most of the 750 projects we have completed for our 1,000 satisfied customers involved heating systems that used radiators, which are essential components of the complex system, along with boilers and other equipment.

Heated towels rails, although independent of the central heating system are bathroom equipment we are experts in as well. Most households find them indispensable at home any season of the year. We have installed hundreds and hundreds of them, in varying sizes and designs, for our satisfied London customers.

We work with all types, designs and sizes of radiators and can install the right radiators for your specific needs. Our Gas Safe Registered engineers and technicians will honestly assess your flawed radiators and advice you whether they are fit to be repaired or just replaced. Our reliable professionals will carry out the repair or replacement with promptness and top rate quality. You can count on us to deliver the urgent quality service you so deserve.

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Radiator and Towel Rails Services


We make sure that the radiator design and size we choose are compatible with your existing boiler. Our heating system experts will compute for your heating needs. We survey the size of your rooms and the number of occupants and make these as factors in our consideration of the radiator to install. Most of all, we ask you, the user for the radiator type and design you prefer that will blend well with your house.

We will install the towels rails you may have purchased on your own or let you choose from among the selection we will recommend. You will have a choice of different sleek and robust designs that are all fully functional.

Radiator Repair

We honestly advise you whether your malfunctioning radiators can be cost-effectively repaired

or need replacement. Some of the most common defects with radiators that we deal with are:

  • Radiator leaks – Leaks in a radiator can be caused by a defective valve, corrosion within the radiator or other underlying problems that need to be checked. Problem determined to be coming from the valve may be solved by repairing or replacing the valve. If corrosion is present, the radiator may have to be replaced.
  • Radiator is cold on top and warm under – This is frequently caused by the buildup of air. The radiator needs to be bled while your central heating system is switched off.
  • Hole on radiator – It is advisable to replace a radiator when there is hole on it. Radiator replacement cost is not as expensive as you expect.
  • Inefficient heating – Sludge that accumulates inside the radiator normally causes the radiator efficiency to be impeded. We usually resort to power flushing in this type of problem.
  • Radiator stops operating – The thermostatic radiator valve may have to be replaced when this happens.

Radiator Replacement

Every equipment has its end of life or the limits of its effective usage because of wear and tear. We will be able to determine whether this is the case with your defective radiator and if it needs to be replaced. Also, some defects present on the radiators are so serious that cause the unit to be either too costly to repair or irreparable, in which case, radiator replacement becomes necessary. Replacing your radiator is the best time for us to install a better, more efficient and compatible model for your home.

Other Radiator Services

You may call us to install new thermostatic valves into your rooms to let you have control over the temperature in your rooms according to your comfort level. We also remove radiators installed in walls temporarily to give way for your wall improvement like painting or decorating. We can then refit then upon completion of the wall improvement job.

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